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Priscilla Estelle Shinkarenko, known by Estelle Estate, is a licensed Realtor under Realty One Group Eclipse in Spokane, Washington. The name "Estelle" was chosen as an homage to her grandmother Esther, who was instrumental in her life, setting the foundation of her character. When asked who she admires, the one she mentions, other than her grandma, is her husband- which has been the one to help her reach her goals and become who she is today. By her own words, his inspiration and guidance in her life is immeasurable, making him her greatest mentor under God.

Questions and Answers:

Q: What are your top 10 Core Values?

A: Integrity, Ethics, Communication, Accountability, Dedication, Ingenuity, Consistency, Originality, Wisdom, and Spirituality

Q: Why do you keep Saturday as Sabbath?

A: That’s the day our bodies and minds were created to transcend the everyday life into the spiritual realm, allowing us to better connect with God. It is the day our bodies were mechanically engineered to rest and recharge. I believe that keeping the Sabbath and honoring our God as the head of my life, health, and business, will get me further ahead than if I were to remove myself from Life Himself, and the blessings that follow.

Q: Why are you plant based?

A: I believe it’s important to have a sober frontal lobe, to continually make ethical choices and connect with the divine. There’s a proverb that says: “Sobriety is for Kings and Rulers”. Before science discovered that certain meals have the same effect on your mind as alcohol would, God advised through Biblical commentators as early as the 1800s.

Q: Why are you in Real Estate?

A: I hold the idea that if every single individual were committed to helping another, our world would be much different. My goal has always been to cause change and impact those around me in whatever minor or major way. Real Estate is a step higher from the minor changes I was causing, and will be my stepping stone to gain traction and a wide network to start corporations, non-profit organizations, larger ministry campaigns, etc. 

Q: What can your clients expect from you?

A: Honesty, communication, care, a high level and wide range of services, good advice and answered questions. I go out of my way not just to “get a job done”, but attain excellence and superiority. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always followed the motto: “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might.”

“I admire Priscilla’s ability to excel at whatever she takes on. Her scope of skill and knowledge benefits all those she’s worked and come in contact with. She’s an excellent resource.”

Adriana Carper, former colleague

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